Greetings Everyone!

I am pleased to share with you the 2012 Award winners – both International and MES.

*International Member:
David Glassford (CA)

*International New Member:
Talia Hanselman (GIR)

*International Mentor:*
Shaari Ladue (GIR)

International Coordinator:
Gregory Clark (CA)
International Storyteller:
*Matthew Cotterill (US)

*MES Member:
*Maria Cambone

*MES New Member:
*Matthew Quillen

*MES Mentor:*
Andrew Biddle

*MES Coordinator:*
Nathan Atkins

*MES Storyteller:
*Chris Ost

Congratulations to all these stellar members!

For more information regarding the “Of the Year” awards, including future information, please see:

Brian Gates, US2002022638, generally-in-motion

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