The following documents are the settings, history, and mechanics for the MES Changeling the Lost chronicle that started in June 2013. These are in addition to canon materials. There are several new guides here for players. One is to help figure out if there is an Entitlement that fits your character and OOC playstyle. Another is designed to help figure out what the different type sof iron are, how to get/make them, and what they can do in game. Plus there is the new one form last month to help sort out the differences between the various ‘retainer’ type merits available to Changeling PCs. Take a look!

Global Documents

Lost Chronicle Storyteller’s Guide
Lost Chronicle Player’s Guide
Lost Token Creation Guide v1.6
The View from the Outside
Red Veil Academy

US Documents

US Changeling History
Opposition to the Longest Night Motley – A US Settings Resource
Order of St. Anthony – A US Settings Resource
Courts & Seemings Guide
*FINALLYThe Entitlement Guide
MES Changeling the Lost Style Sheet for 2013
VSS Creation Guide
*NEWCompanion Characters
*NEWThe Iron Guide

Changeling Inspirations

Changeling Lists:
Changeling Mailing Lists

Please keep in mind that if you like what you see, email your DST so they can compile things and send them to your RST and/or your Changeling ARST. They’ll further compile things and send them on to the NST and the Changeling ANST. If you let us know what you like, we can be sure to keep those things and maybe even expand on them.

If you don’t like some things, do the same… just make sure you include an explanation as to your dislike. Emails that read, “These settings suck; I’m just not gonna play this chron,” don’t help us make the game better for you so please be sure to tell us what the problem is. Without your input, we would be flying blind so we look forward to your feedback!

Thank you.

Joe Vitale
MES ANST Changeling

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