The following documents are the settings, history, and mechanics for the MES Changeling the Lost chronicle that started in June 2013. These are in addition to canon materials. There are several guides here intended to help players with our current Chronicle. There is information on plot kits currently available from the ANST Lost office, numerous settings guides, and a document to help players decide on an Entitlement for their character! There is also information on the differences between the various retainer type merits available to Changeling PCs.

Global Documents:
Lost Chronicle Storyteller’s Guide
Lost Chronicle Player’s Guide
MES Changeling the Lost Appendix 1 – Token Creation Guide
The View from the Outside
Red Veil Academy
For current Addenda, please visit the Addenda page.

US Documents:
US Changeling History
Opposition to the Longest Night Motley – A US Settings Resource
Order of St. Anthony – A US Settings Resource
Courts & Seemings Guide
The Entitlement Guide
MES Changeling the Lost Style Sheet
VSS Creation Guide
Companion Characters
The Ghost Rail Settings Guide
The World Market Player Guide

National Institutions:
The National Institutions

Changeling Inspirations

Changeling Lists:
Changeling Mailing Lists

Current Plot kits:
Current Plot kits available from National

National Lost Map
Active Lost Games. This map shows all of the currently active Lost Games in the country. Inactive games are flagged with a green square, active games are a red teardrop.

ANST Lost Blog:
Beautiful Madness – ANST Lost Blog

Dark Renaissance Changeling the Lost Vision Statement:
Changeling the Lost is, as the descriptor on the book says, a game of beautiful madness. It’s a game about survivors, people who have been through some of the worst trauma imaginable, and emerged on the other side. Some are stronger, some are broken, but all have *survived* and continue to do so. It’s a game of balance – a balance between the grounded mortal reality and the alien, horrifying, insanity that is the Wyrd, Hedge, Arcadia, and everything fae. It, however, is also a game of adventure. That’s where I see the chronicle going – a game of exploration of the struggles that the Lost have to deal with on an everyday basis. Some of them are mundane, and some are supernatural. The books and our chronicle setting both enforce that theme. The daily struggle in which the Lost are dealing with the banal, but ultimately grounded and sanity enforcing, daily life, and the high adventure of their fae nature. The ANST Lost office will continue to work to enforce the themes of the venue, and bring everything from the mundane realities to the horrifying nature of the True Fae from the National office all the way down to the local game. I want to work with the ST staff, from the local all the way up to Global, to create a rich environment that as many players as possible can enjoy. In the past, a bottom up system was implemented with varying levels of National level plot. Unfortunately, this did not generate the interest in the venue that it could have, and it appears that a more hands on approach from the ANST Lost office is necessary moving forward. While there is a phenomenal amount of setting material to work, it currently feels separated and vague. The twenty-four archetypes of the Gentry were due to be fleshed out more, and drawn on for a more cohesive structure; the Longest Night Motley was supposed to be the big bad. However, many players don’t know about the setting materials, and education and National support would go a long way to forming a cohesive setting for our chronicle. The National Lost office will be taking those setting materials and tying them together into an overarching metaplot.

A Note from the ANST Lost
I am a firm believer that as a storyteller, it is my job to facilitate cooperative storytelling with my players. I am not here to dictate a story to you. I am here to create a world that everyone can participate in. As such, it is my hope that all players will feel that they are able to engage in the world of the game and help me create a thriving and vibrant venue. If you have an amazing plot idea? Feel free to send it to my office! If you have a story that you want to tell, or a direction you want to take a character, feel free to talk to me about it, and we will do what we can!

The ANST Lost office has an open door policy. All of your feedback is taken into consideration, and we love to hear from our players. The feedback from the players and storytellers helps us improve the game for everyone.

Thank you for joining us as we explore Lost and the game of Beautiful Madness.

April Douglas
MES ANST Changeling

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