Prep for the Thursday Meeting

Setting agenda items today, I have suggested investigating providing more benefits for the membership, such as discounts, etc.  If anyone has something they want me to consider pitching to the Board of Directors, please comment.  🙂

During the downtime

So, it looks like Board meetings happen every couple of weeks, but in the time between meetings, we talk on the board lists about various items coming up, particularly the Constitution, Members’ Handbook, and various convention contracts for the upcoming year.  When a legal question comes up, it gets forwarded on to the legal team,… Read more

Intro and First Board Meeting

Hi!  My name is Kwei-Cee Chu and I am one of the Directors of the Board of the Mind’s Eye Society, the successor to the The Camarilla Fan Club, the official fan club of White Wolf Game Studios.  The Mind’s Eye Society is a non-profit organization based on a membership that consists of fans of… Read more