Origins Needs You!

Good Afternoon (once again)

If you are planning on attending Origins this year (which I hope you are) we are still in dire need of volunteers.

– Narrators: We are in need of narrators for Changeling, Mage, Requiem, & Masquerade

– Recruitment Team: I need charismatic, well informed members to man our table in the convention space. We will be in the most highly trafficked area of the event. (I should note, that we will be seated less than 50 feet away from Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day throughout the entirety of the event.)

– Follow Up Team: You don’t even have to attend the event to help out! We will be needing people with reliable internet access following the event to open correspondences with new members.

– MC 1 Character Generators: We are still in need of MC 1 characters for all of the venues! Keep them coming.

Remember any participation in this event will be worth NATIONAL PRESTIGE! Lend a hand to make this event amazing. 🙂 If you want to help out shoot me an e-mail at

Thank You,
Kristi Davis
US Trade Show Manager
US Member Services Administrator (Outgoing)
“Come play with us.”