Mind’s Eye Society Scholarship

Are you a member of MES? Are you attending a non-profit college or university? Does the thought of paying off your tuition next year fill you with dread ranging from “uh-oh” to “I need some serious help?” If so, talk to your Coordinators about the MES Scholarship Fund! The effects of being selected include, but are not limited to: a relief of stress, an ability to purchase textbooks, and the envy of those who forgot to enter themselves for the chance to receive the scholarship.

That’s right, it’s time to get in those applications for the Minds Eye Society Scholarship Fund!

The MES Scholarship Fund is our very own charity and one of the coolest ways to give back to our community. We all know that school is hard. The late nights, the tons of homework, the accidentally sending your professor a character background instead of an analysis of Tolstoy – it adds up to a lot of stress.  So, let us take a little of that stress off by helping you out with the finances.  We can go on about how awesome it is, and how much good it’s done for others. But, simply stated, we just want to thank our members seeking higher education by helping them pay for school.


Application Info:

Who: You (if you meet our requirements)

What: Applications for the MES Scholarship Fund

When: *Deadline March 31, 2017*

Where: Application page.

Why: Because we want to give you money!

How: Visit the website above and follow the directions to apply.


Donation info:

If you’d like to donate to the MES Scholarship, donations are always welcomed and appreciated, and are worthy of National Prestige! From now until March 31, 2017, specifically funding the MES Scholarship Program will receive the ratio of $3 for 1 National Prestige.

Where to donate: MES Scholarship Donation Portal (hosted by GKCCF)


Please print/scan/screencap a copy of your receipt and submit it to your DC and to the aNC Charity’s email (anc.charity@mindseyesociety.org). With your receipt please include the following information:

1. Receipt
2. Your information (Name, MES membership number, etc)
3. Domain in which your membership is based
4. Email for your Domain Coordinator

If you have any questions, please send them to me at anc.charity@mindseyesociety.org.