National Charity, Q3 2017 — Center for Biological Diversity

The time has come for us to talk about defending the Wyld. Not against Black Spiral Dancers or Pentex, but in the OOC world. Now, for many of us, pretending to save the world, particularly nature, is the highlight of our month. That being said, pretending is awesome; but we have a real opportunity here to make a positive impact in the real world! As good as defeating a bane feels, I promise that knowing your contribution impacts real wolves is infinitely cooler (even if you don’t get to become a giant werewolf when you do it)!

To that end, I am happy to announce our next charity drive will be the Center for Biological Diversity! This program fights in the political and judicial arenas for the conservation of species all the way from itty bitty shrimp to the majestic Gray Wolf. The Center seeks an end to wolf persecution and to link isolated wolf populations to combat inbreeding and allow ecosystems to rejuvenation on a broader scale. Wolves are wildly important to a healthy ecosystem overall, since they are on the very short list of natural predators for large game in North America. Without them, species like elk overpopulate leading to habitat damage and a decline in overall ecosystem health. Reintroduction of wolves has been shown to improve the health of these ecosystems even after damage has occurred, and Center for Biological Diversity pushes constantly for this growth. The Center’s efforts have gained protection for over 500 species of animal, and have secured millions of acres of protected habitat space for animals like the Gray Wolf to grow in number and thrive.

So, whether you’re a Fenrir or a Child of Gaia at heart, a Silverfang or a Shadowlord, we can all do our part to protect Gaia and restore balance to the world.

There will, as always, be three ways to donate for this drive, which will last from July 1-September 30, 2017.

To donate money, please visit The Biological Diversity website.

To donate time, you can raise funds through any activity fundraiser (carwash, bake sale, anything legal) and send me pictures. For those of you who are camera shy, you are welcome to blur out faces or only use pictures of your hands.

To donate goods, you may donate goods to any wildlife conservation 501-C-3 *OR* to any local no-kill animal shelter. That’s right, the bone-gnawers get help from this one too. This is for good donations only, all other donations must be made to Center for Biological Diversity to be awarded prestige as a part of this National Charity Drive.

Please submit all donation receipts/photos with your name, domain, and MES membership number to both your DC and myself at Group drives are fine, but must be submitted individually to me by each person for record keeping.

Tiffany Meagher
aNC: Charity