Membership handbook updates

Hello Everyone!

It is time for the semi-regular Membership Handbook Update.

The membership handbook is a living document and so needs periodic updates.  As with previous updates you can find, thanks to our wonderful Content Manager both the Change Log and the Membership Handbook itself upon the Minds Eye Society page.

This edition has a lot of formatting corrections, outdated references (such as Four Winds) removed, and policy updates like including the Board Investigative Panel and updating language on several policies for things like clarity or to better match intent or remove references to the past chronicle.

As always if you see errors, issues, discrepancies, or other problems please let me know directly at  Additionally, if you have feedback, suggestions, or concerns please contact me and let me know.  I only request that when possible you provide a possible solution to your concern or example of improvement.  We always welcome feedback and thoughtful contributions to our club from all members.

Spider Wingate