2018 Board of Directors General Election

The candidates for the general election of three BoD seats are (in alphabetical order by first name):


Abby Estes – Application
Harley Cox – Application
Jen Kuiper – Application
Jim Chastain – Application
Martin Chamberlain – Application
Martin Emery – Application
Matt Blank – Application
Nakisha Fox – Application
Owen Sutter – Application
Phillip Trad – Application

Q&A Instructions

The Q&A email list for the Board Elections is open for subscriptions. If you followed last elections, you are most likely still subbed.  If not, you can subscribe now.

Only candidates and the election moderator may post to the Q&A list. Everyone else is set to read only.  When the Q&A starts, questions should be sent to board@mindseyesociety.org with the subject line: BoD Candidate Questions.

Questions will be vetted for appropriateness. If multiple versions of questions are received, we may combine or reword them.