2020 Board and PACT Election and Referenda Vote

Candidates for Election to the Board of Directors

Victoria Boyd – MES Resume, Professional Resume
Nycci Daniels – Application
Samuel Gerace – Application
Howell Herrin – Application
Michael Prindle – Application
Jennifer Rastegar – Application
Robert Recckia – Application
Chris Russell – Application
Joseph White II – Application

Candidates for Election to PACT

Abraxas Abston – Application
Scott Barnes  – Application

We now enter the Q&A Period, which will run until midnight Pacific time on Sunday, March 3rd. We ask you to submit questions for both groups of candidates by emailing board@mindseyesociety.org with Candidate Questions in the subject line — please include your name and member number and indicate which group of Candidates a particular question is for. Questions will go to all candidates in that group, they may not be posed to an individual candidate specifically. Only questions received with the name and member number of a Mind’s Eye Society member will be accepted.

The sitting Board will compile your questions for the applicants such that they’re not having to answer many variations of the same questions. The candidates will have one week to answer those questions before voting opens.