2020 Board and PACT Voting

We are opening the General Membership Vote for 2020. The voting form is here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeD6oRgi3j3Jv-xiUmECiA58HBcM0PtGI_-W3DIMOF8U3jGNg/viewform

We are only accepting votes from MES members with active membership numbers. Members who are suspended from club activities may participate in this vote as long as their membership is active. We will accept votes from now until 11:59pm Pacific on Tuesday, May 26th.

First, for those who are voting in a BoD or PACT election for the first time, we use a variant of the single transferable vote runoff system. (If you already know this stuff, skip to my next point.) We ask for you to rank candidates in order from highest preference to lowest preference, and one of the options is None of the Above. Only names that you list as a higher preference than None of the Above will be counted, any names ranked lower will be disregarded. We have three full term seats which will go to the first, second and third candidates who receive a majority of membership support to win, and one partial term seat that will go to the fourth candidate to receive enough support. We must reach quorum in order for any of this to count, so please vote! There are useful links at the end of this post to help if you feel like you need more information to make a decision.

Second, we are using a similar form this year to the one we used last year, because it made tallying the votes significantly clearer and runoff elections are pretty complex. HOWEVER the form does not work on some phones. The BoD candidate section in particular is long and broad and just doesn’t format well, so if you can’t vote using the form, please send in your ballot via email. Instructions for how to do this are here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1q2bXLc3UgHf_46mcTB84qV7xD753m2hlflr7nJIjELw/edit?usp=sharing¬†We still want your vote, even if our google overlords aren’t as helpful as we want them to be!

Third, there are six referenda – that we will change our name, what we will change our name to, three instances of removing specific reference to White Wolf and CCP Games, and that the term Letter of Counseling will become Notice of Guidance. The way our bylaws are written, referenda must be binary, so we actually can’t offer “maybe” or “neither” options.