About Mind’s Eye Society

Minds Eye Society is a Non Profit Organization that is run by volunteers“who dedicate time and effort to their hobby. Below you can find out about these offices, the charity efforts that are contributed towards and find the frequently asked questions section.

National Offices

Want to get in the game? This section is provided by the different national offices of MES.
Click here to find out about them and their activities.


MES members donate time and money every month to different charities. Find out more about these efforts here.


As a parent company of White Wolf, CCP owns the materials contained within all of the sourcebooks that fuel MES. In 2011, a license agreement was made allowing MES to use intellectual properties of CCP. Find out more about these rights here.


If you have questions about MES, they may already be answered in the FAQs section. Please check here to see if they are answered prior to contacting officers.

Contact Us

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Contact us here if your answers have not been found in the FAQs.