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2019 Convention Award Recipients


Staff Member of the Year – David Fuller, GLRE Event Lead
David stepped up to be GLRE Event Lead after no one else did, despite having originally applied for ST Lead. He then proceeded to knock the role out of the park, focusing on making GLRE an amazing event for all attendees and one that reflects the strengths of the GL Region. He advocated for his staff when their ideas were different and his faith in them paid off, with a bustling Vendors Room, organized Registration process, and stellar Charity results.


Staff Member of the Year – Tobias Gurl, GLRE Charity Lead
Tobias came to the Charity Lead role with passion at his back and it was contagious. He knew he wanted to support Planned Parenthood and, with David’s full support, was willing to go to the Board for that support if needed. The Board, it turned out, was fully supportive, and Tobias turned in great numbers for both Planned Parenthood and the MES Scholarship Fund.


ST of the Year – Apryl Warner, GLRE ST Lead
Everyone who attended GLRE told me the same thing – the games were amazing. A great part of that was due to the leadership Apryl provided. She and her Second, Lewis, ran every CCR themselves, ensuring consistent and fair results. They were so clean that Apryl is now developing the CCR policy for every convention moving forward as AANCA CCR Mentor. She also fought for the vision of her Venue Leads whenever there was conflict or pushback, resulting in games that felt like the region that was hosting them.


NPC Portrayer of the Year – Amanda Humble
Amanda NPCed at SCRE, GLRE, and MESCON in 2019. You might have seen her as Templar Merelle at SCRE Sabbat, Cardinal Miranda the Baptizer at GLRE Sabbat, Priscus Sascha Vykos at MESCON Sabbat , or as Tales Arlin at MESCON Space. She puts hours into costuming, makeup, and characterization – not to mention being able to run the chops – which is why every venue is thrilled when Amanda agrees to NPC for them.


Special Recognition – Roo Wetzel
Roo is our Board Liaison, or as we call her in conventions, our Board Grownup. She has been a tireless advocate for conventions and their support, both to the Board and the org as a whole. We could not do what we do without her.