Advertising Mind’s Eye Society

We are currently working on some exciting Mind’s Eye Society marketing materials for domains and regions to use. (For White Wolf owned materials copyright, see information below) Please contact if you have a question regarding Mind’s Eye Society marketing or are seeking materials to advertise our club.  In the meantime, we also have some website banners with the Mind’s Eye Society logo that domains and regions can use on their websites and social media pages.


The CCP License to MES

As a parent company of White Wolf, CCP owns the materials contained within all of the sourcebooks that the MES and the other affiliated clubs use. In 2011, a license agreement was made allowing MES to use intellectual properties of CCP. A part of that agreement is that the MES cannot publish this agreement in full, so that no other organizations can use its generous terms as a basis to start license negotiations with CCP. Allowed uses can be found in this document or in the licensing FAQ. If there are questions about what is permitted which isn’t covered in these documents, they may be addressed directly to a member of the Board.

This license does not extend to any materials outside of the sanctioned materials of MES. Use of any other CCP properties must be negotiated outside of this agreement. Downloads available from White Wolf’s website cannot be distributed publicly or modified and reproduced elsewhere, even if they are free. Instead, link to the website URL where the material can be downloaded. Extensive excerpts from the books—especially those explaining rules or systems—also cannot be reproduced.

Quoting text from one or more of the books as part of a discussion is limited. A quote of up to 300 words from any single book, up to 1000 words total from all books combined, is allowable in this context. Any “book” rules for character creation cannot be redistributed in any fashion (reprinted, reposted, copied for distribution, or copied on a website and/or websites). Additional modifications to the system provided by CCP can be published as needed, such as within proposed addenda.

The use of artwork and names cannot be used for profit. However, if there’s a good merchandising idea, please contact the Board and it may be discussed between MES and CCP if it’s deemed appropriate.


Names of clans, tribes, and genres is allowable. However, use of other derived names is limited. While the name “Mind’s Eye Society” is a derived name, the licensing agreement allows for its use. In addition, while names such as “A Camarilla Fan Club” is acceptable, use of “The Camarilla” isn’t permissible. Thus, domains, regions, and other affiliates should refrain from using “The Camarilla” or other derived names as affiliate, domain, or chapter names, or within their internet domain names.

“Grand Masquerade,” another derived name, is the name of the annual convention operated by the CCP, often held in September in New Orleans. In order to participate fully with the Grand Masquerade event, it was agreed that no other regional or national convention occur within a two-week window on either side of Grand Masquerade. The NCA will be involved in coordinating events to prevent infringements.


The licensing agreement gives us considerable ability to use artwork, subject to a few processes and limitations.

The official logos are available in EPS, TIFF, and PDF formats. In order to use these in a produced product (such as a recruitment flyer, a webpage, or a newsletter), a copy of the document (such as a bitmap, a screenshot, or a PDF) must be sent to with at least 72 hours of advance notice, or earlier if preparing a draft copy to ensure that there are no unexpected snags. If the notice doesn’t bounce, and no specific reply is received, then it can be assumed that adequate notice has been made. The email must contain the complete item and a description of what the item is, and what material the artwork is from. Be prepared to make revisions if it is necessary. For sake of simplicity, this same procedure applies to any use of the MES logo. When using both, only one notice is necessary. However, if changes to what artwork is used occur previous to or during publication, a new notice is required.

No more than three pieces of art may be copied from any single work. A wiki (one or more interconnected wiki pages) is considered a single work for this purpose. Any number of works may be used in this regard, but some restraint is advisable. There are further limitations to artwork that are not allowable under this agreement; for example, any works by Tim Bradstreet cannot be used. If a clan or tribe symbol is used as bullet points, that only counts as one use.

Copyright and Trademark Notices

Any use of CCP material must be appropriately attributed to CCP. If using only symbols and not names: “Various symbols are trademarks of CCP hf. All rights reserved.” If using names and words but not symbols: “Some terms are © copyright 2012 and trademarked by CCP hf. All rights reserved.” If using both: “Some materials are © copyright 2012 and trademarked by CCP hf. All rights reserved.” In each of these instances, replace the year with the year of publication.

Similarly, when using materials on a website, any use of names or images needs to be correctly cited. When citing on a website, include the following code on the main or entry page of the website, or starting page on a group of wiki pages, i.e. as soon as possible for a visitor to see:

<a href="" target="_blank">Some materials are &copy; copyright 2017 and trademarked by White Wolf, AB. The Camarilla is a trademark of White Wolf, AB. All rights reserved. &copy; 2017 by White Wolf, AB.</a>