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The Mind’s Eye Society respects those who endeavor to make the most out the club and the experience they bring to the organization. One of the ways it chooses to express this respect is with awards. Currently there are 2 major types of awards you can win within the Mind’s Eye Society; ‘Of the Year’ awards, and National Service awards.

Of the Year Awards

An “Of the year” award is given to members who distinguish themselves as exceptional members of the organization. The “Of the Year” award serves to highlight the accomplishments of these members who have gone above and beyond helping to make the game run great for everyone else. A wide variety of awards are given to those nominated by fellow Mind’s Eye members. This award is given out once a year. For additional information regarding this award, it’s past winners, and how to nominate someone, click here


All Trustees started out as general members. However, throughout their time in the organization, they have consistently displayed the following characteristics:

  • Have selflessly served the The Camarilla and their fellow members.
  • Consistently worked to make the club a fun and fair place for everyone.
  • Actively embody the best spirit within our club.

While some Trustees have held global and national offices, each Trustee has found a unique way to make lasting contributions to the club. To learn more about Trustees, click here.

National Service Awards

The National Service award is awarded to players who show outstanding patience, grace, and composure in the face of potentially damaging situations for their characters. This can range from the sacrifice of a character at a large event to help resolve the plot, or allowing a phenomenal setback to bring your character from having it all to having nothing. To learn more about the National Service award, please click here

Sterling Award

The Sterling Award was awarded from 2001 to 2003 for members who had served the organization for 10 years or had warranted outstanding recognition. To learn more about the Sterling Award, click here.