Nominations for Member of the Year

What are the categories for the “Member of the Year” award?

  • International Coordinator
  • International ST
  • International Member
  • International New Member
  • International Actor
  • International Mentor
  • US Coordinator
  • US ST
  • US Member
  • US New Member
  • US Actor
  • US Mentor

At the Grand Masquerade, September 18, 2011 – a new category “Actor of the Year” was announced for which the first award will be made in 2012. The general criteria that will be used nominations for this category will be “for acting in a scene in a manner that improves the play/game for others in a scene.” The Trustees also announced that they will be considering new and additional awards for recognition.
2. Who can nominate a member for the Annual awards listed above?

Anyone can nominate another Cam member in good standing to for consideration with regards to the International Awards. Members in good standing in the US can nominate for those categories.
3. Who do I send a nomination to?

For 2014, the Designated Trustee is: Jericho Johnson from Mind’s Eye Society. You can reach him at: 
4. What needs to be included in the nomination?

  • Nominee Name
  • Category the nominee is being submitted for
  • Nominee’s chapter/domain/affiliate
  • Nominee’s direct ST or Coord
  • Short statement in support of why the nominee should be granted the award
  • Name, Cam #, and contact for the person nominating

5. When are “XXX of the Year” nominations due?

  • Nominations are accepted year round

6. When/where are the “XXXX of the Year” announced?

For 2014 – at Nashville by Night with a coordinating announcement to related email listed
7. Who decides the “XXX of the Year” awards?

  • International awards are decided on by all the Cam Trustees
  • The US awards are decided on by the US Trustees

8. How long do you have to be in the Cam before you can be a “Member of the Year”?

  • For the International New Member and the US New Member categories, the nominee must be in the Cam for 1 year or less.
  • For all other categories, there is no official set time that you have to be in the Cam. However, reason stands to show that the longer you are in the Cam the more time you have had time to do things to get you nominated.

9. What do you have to do to become “Member of the Year”?

There is no set list of items that you have to accomplish to become “Member of the Year.” However, common qualities/actions include the following:

  • Very active – assistants to regional/national, domain/chapter officer, volunteer at conventions (if not on the staff), involved in special projects.
  • Innovative – tries to come up with new ideas to help their domain or region
  • “Go to” person – they typically have an area of expertise that many members/officers seek them out for. (IE, charities, mentoring, arbitration, a particular venue, etc)
  • Smile – usually someone that is willing to help you and leaves you smiling at the end of it.

10. What do people who are awarded “Member of the Year” get?

A nifty certificate, a wonderful sense of accomplishment, recognition and personal thank you from club staff and members.