Sterling Award

SterlingawardboxThe Sterling Award was awarded from 2001 to 2003 for members who had served the organization for 10 years or had warranted outstanding recognition. Recipients received a sterling silver plated mouse, engraved with the The Camarilla name logo as well as his name and presented in a blue velvet gift boxed.

Each of the years this award ran, six members were awarded. The
awards were given out at ICC those years.

The 2001 and 2002 recipients were awarded with an engraved silver pendant. The 2003 recipients were given a “sterling silver plated mouse, engraved with The Camarilla name logo & personal name, blue velvet gift boxed”.

Past Winners


  • Sam Bowden (AU)
  • Marc Torley (UK)
  • Glas Durboraw (US)
  • Brian Gates (US)
  • Wade Racine (US)
  • Tom Boeckx (BE)


  • Dan Fruchterman
  • Adam Jarvey
  • Charlie Rose
  • Dan Schmidt
  • Zach Corleissen
  • Patty Thorpe


  • Dr. Stephen Balfour
  • Matt Burke
  • Matt Gilmore (awarded posthumously)
  • Jane Izumoto
  • Heidi Preuss
  • Jana W

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