Trustee Nomination Packet

Any Minds Eye Society or affiliate member in good standing may prepare a Trustee Nomination Packet. The National Coordinator requires the following information in the nomination packet.

Each packet should be unique to the member and tell the story of their accomplishments within the organization.

Candidate Information

  • Member’s Name
  • Membership Number
  • Country/Region/Domain/Chapter
  • Date member joined the organization
  • Resume

You should also include the packet coordinator’s contact information. Usually this person is the one who has requested people to write letters and then compiled them into a packet.


Explain why the club should recognize this individual as a Trustee.

This section should be supported by as much documentation as possible. If you contend that this person has mentored many new members, then letters from those members should be provided. If you indicate recruitment or charity achievements, then document those accomplishments with concrete numbers.

Letters of Endorsement

Include at least three letters of endorsement from other MES or other affiliate members. These letters should show a broad range of support (i.e. not all from the same domain or region).

Be sure to show how this person displays the Mindsets of a Trustee.

Current Trustees will generally decline any requests from members to submit a nomination letter on the behalf of a candidate. Typically, they will wait until a packet reaches Trustee consideration to express their opinions about the candidate.