Trustee Nomination Process

Members Create the Nomination Packet

Any member in good standing may prepare a Trustee Nomination Packet or write a letter of nomination.

We encourage members to build a compelling nomination package. You should clearly show how the person displays a Trustee’s mindset and behaviors.

Take time to write excellent letters that really showcase the best characteristics of the candidate. You, as a nominating member, may know the candidate very well. However, you must assume that people who read the nominating packet may not know the person nearly as well. For example, there are Trustees located around the globe. What would you want them to know about the candidate, even if they never met the person?

Yes, it takes time and effort to create a nomination packet for a fellow member. Usually someone has to lead the project and ask people to write letters. It takes time and effort to shepherd a nomination. It’s easy to say “surely someone else will step up and nominate this person.”

When the packet is ready, the members send it to the National Officers of the nominated member. The National Officers should acknowledge receipt of the nomination packet.

Nomination packets may be sent at any time of the year.

Each nomination packet should be unique to the member.

National Level Review

The National Officers (or equivalent) review the nomination packet. Please note that the National Officers may ask the nominating members for more information or additional letters of support before making their decision. Each set of National Officers follows its own process and guidelines for review. For more information on this step, please contact your National Officers.

If the National Officers support the nomination, they will prepare a formal letter of endorsement and add it to the Trustee Nomination Packet. Both the packet and letter of endorsement are then shared with the Board of Directors. The BoD will review the application and vote on it. Successful packets will then be sent to the Trustees for review.

Global Level Review

After receiving the nomination packet, the current Trustees review, confer and provide their collective advice to the National Coordinators of MES and the Member Clubs. During this step it is customary to discuss any disciplinary actions or detrimental information that could be considered derogatory to the reputation of a Trustee.

This is not a vote, but a chance to gather opinions from the ranks of those who will call this person an equal.

After reviewing the packet and the opinions of the current Trustees, the National Coordinators jointly make the final decision.

This group tries to have a decision made within 30 days of receiving the packet from the National officers.

The Announcement

To give the announcement the gravity it deserves, it has become traditional to wait until the National Convention of the member’s home country or the International The Camarilla Convention to announce the new Trustee.

The nomination packet will be kept private until the honor is bestowed. However, the Trustee typically receives a copy of the presentation packet when the honor is bestowed upon them.

These nomination letters give members a chance to say “Thank You” for the countless of hours the person invested into the organization. Some Trustees choke back tears when they read these letters. Others feel humbled.

However, you can be sure that the letters become a treasured keepsakes. So, when you prepare a packet, we encourage you to make it a great packet. It will be your personal gift to the newly honored Trustee.