MES Organization

The Modern Enigma Society is a global organization that lives and breathes on the local level, so we’ll start locally. The key organization units are as follows:

A venue is a local game that operates either as part of a domain.  The domain setups a venue for each venue they want to participate in.  Each venue has a venue storyteller chosen by the players that play in that specific venue. The venue storytellers report up to the domain storyteller.

The most common organizational unit in the Modern Enigma Society, domains represent groups of players and games in a smaller geographic area. All Modern Enigma Society members who reside within the geographic boundaries of a domain are members of that domain. Each domain also has a coordinator and storyteller. These officers report up to the regional coordinator and storyteller.

The 50 states of the US and Washington DC are divided into eight geographic regions that consist of all the domains and solitary chapters in these areas. The domain coordinators and storytellers in a region elect a regional coordinator and regional storyteller. Regional officers report to the national coordinator and storyteller.

Modern Enigma Society (MES) is the name of our organization and spans the entirety of the US and its territories and possessions.   In MES, the national coordinator and storyteller are elected by the regional officers. As MES is a non-profit, our Board of Directors provides direction and vision and some operational duties to the club.

The global organization  is made up of a group of affiliated member clubs, each agreeing to work together for a common global game and community of fans of World of Darkness.  Each other affiliated club has a national coordinator and national storyteller who oversee club activities in their country (usually the clubs each span an entire country). The other clubs will often have slightly different internal structures, serving the needs of their members best.