Job Description

The Board has created an Archivist position to maintain continuity and to make a more complete record of the organization’s activity for future needs.

The Archivist is to access to a variety of material that the organization uses and assists the Board in providing requested information and institutional knowledge. The Archivist duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Report monthly on coverage of information and progress on projects to the Board
  • Retain separate backup copies of all official communications of the Board as well as internal communications.
  • Retain separate backup copies of all pertinent club records and communications for both general purposes and specific purposes as directed by the Board.
    • The Archivist may access any e-mail list, electronic forum, or other media that contains information or records that is in use by the organization, whether game-specific or adminsitrative, IC or OOC.
    • The Board requests that all list owners and other holders of information to help the Archivist maintain a more complete record of our organization and its activities.
    • The Archivist currently uses these email addresses for access:
  • Maintainance and administration of email
    • Maintain internal accounts and lists to facilitate communication and the automatic creation of records
    • Create and alter those accounts by request of the Board and/or designated assistants
    • Document such structures in periodic reports

Ideal candidates are both detail orientated and familiar with our club’s culture and history and as well both technically competent and willing to learn new systems and technologies. The ability to communicate needs skillfully is a definite plus.

As an optional duty, if the Archivist is a resident of the organization’s hosting State (Missouri), then the Archivist will serve as the Registered Agent. The Registered Agent must perform all required duties by the State, which includes passing along all communications to and from the State as well as maintaining a copy for archives.

Archivist: Brian Gates