MES Tech

NTA Job Description

From Florida to California, Minnesota to Texas, MES members LARP. The MES Tech team provides the tools that allows the different chapters, domains and regions to do so over the internet. Whether it’s lists, the website, the Wiki or the Portal tools, MES Tech works behind the scenes to help the system run. You can check out upcoming projects or feel free to touch base if you would like to report a bug.


This is a list of current projects that the MES Tech team is working on. This list will be changed often to reflect the efforts of the team. Please note that it is not all inclusive and many of these projects are parent projects of ongoing smaller projects.

Implement standards-based API for login (in progress)

Implement org units, offices, and permissions (CRD) (in progress)
Design web services API (in planning stage)
Integrate front end with web site using web services API (in planning stage)
Update and integrate approvals database (pending new chronicle information release)

Web site:
Roles Plugin (finalized)
New Chronicle information release (in progress)
Debug and tweak newly released major site redesign (in progress)
Put members-only content behind login (pending login project)
Find a Game application (pending CRD redesign)

Mail server:
Fixed bugs in the back end system that blocked creations of new lists (finalized)
Script back-end administration tasks (in progress)
Build API for the portal to access list administration (in planning stage)
Back up and archive lists (in planning stages)

MES Wiki:
Wiki for the Chronicles starting in 2017 has been created and users can access and edit pages.

Redesign prestige database native to WordPress (in planning stage)

Website Design:
Redesigns for the website, as well as other applications, will improve the look and functionality of the online tools that our users access.

Develop process to update this list regularly (finalized)
Standardize backup processes across environment (in progress)


National Tech Administrator: Kyle Broekers

If you’d like to get in touch to help with the tech side of the club to volunteer your time, please contact us.