NCA Policies

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In order to better define various functions of MES conventions, the NCA’s office has been working to develop a set of policies. These will be published here. Any questions about these policies can be directed to the NCA at

Policy 1: Convention Prestige Awarding Authority
All prestige related to a convention, including planning, meetings, donations, and management, must be awarded by the NCA’s office. It can not be awarded by the RC.

Policy 2: Event Lead and Lead ST
The RC and the RST should not be the default Event Lead and Lead ST for Regional Conventions. While they should be involved in the selection of these positions by advising the NCA on the applicants, they themselves should only fill the position if the circumstances are deemed necessary by the NCA.

The reasons for such a policy are multiple:

  • The skills needed as RC or RST are not inherently the skills needed to manage a convention. There is nothing in the vetting and voting of a primary regional officer that ensures that person will be skilled in the convention role.
  • The duties of the RC and RST are already numerous. An Event Lead or Lead ST must be able to focus on the needs of the event in a timely manner. To try to do both would only increase the chance of burnout in an already demanding office or failure to address convention needs effectively.

Policy 3: Event Announcement
Event dates and locations will not be announced by the NCA’s office until a contract has been signed by the Board of Directors and confirmed as received by the hotel.

Policy 4: Convention Prestige Request Cut Off Dates
All requests for changes to convention prestige must be received by the convention chain no later than 30 days after the prestige is posted. The convention chain includes:

  • Staff Lead (registration, security, Venue Lead, etc)
  • ST Lead (if appropriate)
  • Event Lead
  • ANCA Prestige
  • NCA

After the 30 day window has expired, requests will only be accepted in extreme cases as determined by the NCA. In those cases, requests should be submitted to the ANCA Prestige and NCA.

Policy 5: Refunds
Refunds on convention tickets will be allowed as long as the request is received no later than 30 days prior to the con. No refunds will given after that point.

Policy 6: Convention Sponsorship
Full details of the Convention Sponsorship program can be found here.

Policy 7: Appeals Process

  • All appeals from onsite at an event (during the convention days) are sent to the NCA, who reviews the appeal.
  • An appeal of an action taken by the Event Lead or under the Event Lead’s authority will be ruled on by the NCA.
  • An appeal of an ST-side action will be forwarded to the appropriate ST – the ST Lead (if the ruling was made by a Venue Lead) or the NST (if the ruling was made by the ST Lead). The NST will be adjudicate and a copy will be sent to the NCA for record keeping.
  • Appeals may be parsed out for appropriate parties.
  • The NCA and NST may both be appealed to the Board.

Policy 8: Arbitration

  • All arbitration and investigations of actions from a convention are initially filed with the NCA’s office.
  • Any arbitration or investigations of Event staff or policies, conduct of event staff, conduct between one or more event staff will be handled by the event chain, or the NCA.
  • Any arbitration or investigations dealing with the conduct of a member at an event or between members at an event will be sent to the NC’s office for adjudication.
  • Any arbitration or investigations dealing with conduct between members and event staff will be conducted by the NCA and the NC.
  • A copy of the results of investigation or arbitration from events will be provided to the NCA for records.
  • The NC and NCA can both be appealed to the Board.

Policy 9: Outside/Third Party Items Policy
Full details of the Outside/Third Party Items (Weapon Props) policy can be found here.

Policy 10: Board Representatives (BRs) at Cons
Full details of the Board Representatives at Cons policy can be found here.

Policy 11: Charitable Auction Item Redemption
All items purchased during a Charity Auction at a convention must be registered within 30 days of the event. Items requiring approval must be entered in the approvals database (though the approval process does not need to be complete). Contact must be initiated for items which require an administrative ST (such as an ANST or ARST) or other office of the organization within that timeframe. Players who do not follow this guidance will forfeit their items.