MES Niche Venue Proposals

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Accord has been a huge success for the players and storytellers involved. One of the many lessons we took from the venue is that we could expand our fandom for WW’s supported monsters in our own unique settings. Late last year, with the announcement of the reset, we began to discuss a follow on for the Accord venue.

In May, we began collecting custom setting proposals. The event was a success as we received over 30 submissions! I want to thank everyone who participated, either by submitting a proposal, offering feedback, or just discussing the event for the overwhelmingly positive creative experience.

Proposals included a number based on historical genres and unique settings; there was also a balanced split between the World of Darkness and Chronicles of Darkness. The RSTs, the ANSTs, and myself pared down the entries to the four we believe are the most supportable and have the widest appeal. At this time, we are presenting these submissions for consideration to the membership.

With the help of the RSTs and my staff, I have pared down the 30 entries to what we believe are the four most supportable for consideration. Members are encouraged to discuss the proposals among their domains; DSTs should convey to their RSTs their domain’s particular interests. We will also put out an informal poll in the next few days to gauge member interest.

On July 1st, I will announce the winner and our next custom venue.

The proposals for consideration are: